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Discover all about Big Bud Auto strain, from its smell, taste, and effects to crucial cultivation details. This page relies on actual data from, offering an honest view of what you can anticipate while growing and enjoying the buds of this plant.

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Aroma and Taste

Users’ descriptions of the aroma of Big Bud Auto by Fast Buds suggest a range of earthy and kushy notes with creamy undertones. There’s a consensus that the strain has a pleasing and robust scent. The aroma and taste seem to be well-received by most users, with terms like “smooth,” “gassy,” “earthy,” and “kushy” being commonly used to describe them.

Most Commonly Reported Flavors

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The effects of Big Bud Auto appear to be where user experiences vary the most. Users describe a hybrid experience, with both sativa and indica effects. In the initial stages, there’s a reported sense of euphoria and creativity, which leans toward sativa-like effects. However, after some time, users report feeling more relaxed and couch-locked, resembling indica effects. This indicates that Big Bud Auto offers a balanced high with an initial burst of energy followed by a calming sensation. The strain’s potency may vary, as some users mention it being potent enough to induce couch-lock.

Sativa/Indica Balance

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In terms of the best time to use this strain, it seems versatile, with some users suggesting it as a daytime smoke for creativity, while others note its potential for relaxation and couch-lock. Medical applications are not explicitly mentioned in the provided quotes, but the strain’s balanced effects may have therapeutic potential for various conditions depending on individual preferences.

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Big Bud Auto Cultivation Info

Cultivating Big Bud Auto presents a manageable yet slightly below-average level of difficulty. It’s essential to approach cultivation with an understanding that the provided statistics are based on a relatively small sample size, and individual experiences may vary.

Ease of Growing

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Seed-to-Harvest Time

In our analysis of 18 grow cycles, the seed-to-harvest time for Big Bud Auto ranged between 8 to 14 weeks, with an average duration of approximately 10.9 weeks. Comprehensive statistics on the entire growth cycle and vegetative stage durations are available below. Additionally, growers can explore insights into influencing the length of the vegetative stage and the overall cycle by experimenting with different growing mediums and training techniques, detailed in the accompanying charts.


Weeks Spent in Veg and From Seed to Harvest

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Do Different Mediums Affect Cycle Duration?

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Does Training Affect Cycle Duration?

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Big Bud Auto Flowering Time

The flowering time for Big Bud Auto spans 5 to 13 weeks, with an average duration of around 7.1 weeks. This strain exhibits a relatively swift flowering period, contributing to its overall appeal for growers.

Flowering Time In Weeks

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Examining grow diaries, we found that the average height of Big Bud Auto at harvest is approximately 63 cm. Unfortunately, specific data regarding outdoor cultivation dimensions is unavailable at this time.


Final Height at Harvest

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Does the Choice of Medium Affect Height?

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How Does Training Affect Plant Height?

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Height (cm) vs Pot Size (liters)

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Big Bud Auto Yield

Based on available data, Big Bud Auto yields between 23 to 322 grams, with an average harvest time of 11 weeks from sprouting. On average, each plant produces around 99 grams of buds. Regrettably, information on outdoor yields for this strain is currently unavailable.


Dry Per-Plant Yield in Grams

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Does the Choice of Medium Affect Yield?

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Yield (grams) vs Pot Size (liters)

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Big Bud Auto displays a diverse range of odors during flowering, with the stronger-smelling phenotypes prevailing. It’s worth noting that occasional variations may occur, and some phenotypes may exhibit a milder than average aroma.

The Intensity of Smell During the Flowering Stage

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