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Explore this comprehensive Lemon Pie Auto info page for an authentic glimpse into the characteristics of this strain’s smoke—covering aroma, taste, and effects—gathered from genuine user experiences on growdiaries.com. Additionally, delve into cultivation insights, including seed-to-harvest times, flowering duration, height, and yield, providing a reliable resource for both seasoned and novice growers seeking valuable information on Lemon Pie Auto.

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Aroma and Taste

Based on the user reviews for Lemon Pie Auto, the aroma and taste of this strain are consistently described as having strong citrus notes, with frequent mentions of a sweet and sour profile. Users often compare the scent to that of lemons, lemon candy, or even lemon pie. There is a delightful combination of zestiness and sweetness that seems to be a common theme among the majority of reviews. Some users also note additional hints of pine, diesel, and herbal undertones, contributing to a complex and enjoyable flavor profile.

Most Commonly Reported Flavors

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The effects of Lemon Pie Auto are reported to be generally positive, with a strong emphasis on relaxation and happiness. Many users describe a potent high that starts with an instant, uplifting, and creative burst of energy, making it suitable for daytime use. The strain seems to strike a balance between indica and sativa characteristics, providing a relaxed body sensation without causing excessive sedation. Users appreciate the strain’s ability to elevate mood, induce a comfortable focus on tasks, and offer a motivational boost, making it suitable for activities like watching TV, reading, walks, or low-key sports.

Most Commonly Reported Effects

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In terms of potency, Lemon Pie Auto is often praised for delivering a strong and long-lasting high. Some users report an initial heady impact that gradually shifts into a more mellow, yet active and focused experience. While some note its potential for inducing sleep if consumed in larger amounts, the strain is generally considered versatile enough to be used throughout the day. Medical applications mentioned by users include alleviating symptoms of ADHD, providing relief from stress, and offering a calming effect for both body and mind.

Sativa/Indica Balance

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Lemon Pie Auto Cultivation Info

Lemon Pie Auto seems to be a relatively easy-to-grow cannabis variety, particularly when compared to other strains.

Ease of Growing

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Seed-to-Harvest Time

The strain showcases a diverse range of seed-to-harvest times, with data from 111 grows indicating durations falling within the 8 to 22 weeks range. The average seed-to-harvest time is approximately 11.3 weeks. The accompanying graphs illustrate the statistics for both the complete growth cycle and the vegetative phase, encompassing outdoor cultivation.

Detailed statistics are available regarding how the choice of medium and training techniques can impact the duration of both the vegetative phase and the entire growth cycle. Supplementary charts provide insights into other essential parameters such as plant height and yield.


Weeks Spent in Veg and From Seed to Harvest

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Weeks Spent in Veg and From Seed to Harvest Outdoors

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Do Different Mediums Affect Cycle Duration?

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Does Training Affect Cycle Duration?

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Lemon Pie Auto Flowering Time

Lemon Pie Auto typically exhibits a flowering time ranging from 4 to 16 weeks, with an average duration of approximately 6.7 weeks, based on data from various grows. For outdoor cultivation, a limited sample of 4 grows shows an average flowering time of 5 weeks.

Flowering Time In Weeks

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According to available data, Lemon Pie Auto tends to have an average height of 60 cm at the end of the growth cycle. However, in the two outdoor grows with available height data, the average height is slightly higher at 75 cm.


Final Height at Harvest

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Final Height at Harvest Outdoors

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Does the Choice of Medium Affect Height?

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How Does Training Affect Plant Height?

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Height (cm) vs Pot Size (liters)

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Lemon Pie Auto Yield

Per-plant yield figures from various grows suggest that Lemon Pie Auto can produce yields ranging from 10 to 390 grams. The harvest typically occurs around an average of 11 weeks from sprouts, resulting in an average yield of approximately 80 grams per plant. For outdoor cultivation, the strain yields an average of 44 grams based on data from three available grows.


Dry Per-Plant Yield in Grams

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Dry Per-Plant Yield Outdoors

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Does the Choice of Medium Affect Yield?

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Do Training Techniques Affect Yields?

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Yield (grams) vs Pot Size (liters)

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During the flowering stage, the strain presents a mixed bag in terms of expected odor. The strain tends to have stronger-smelling phenotypes dominating, although occasionally, one may encounter a phenotype with a weaker-than-average smell.

The Intensity of Smell During the Flowering Stage

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