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Welcome to a comprehensive guide on Skunk Auto strain info! Delve into a wealth of reliable information sourced directly from real-world experiences documented on Discover the intricacies of Skunk Auto’s finished product, exploring its diverse aroma, taste profiles, and the effects reported by users as well as insights into the cultivation of this strain, including ease of growth, seed-to-harvest time, flowering duration, plant height, and yield statistics.

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Aroma and Taste

The user reviews for Skunk Auto by Fast Buds suggest a diverse range of aromas and tastes, with some common threads. The strain is often associated with sweet and floral notes, but there are variations, including subtle skunk flavors, minty/evergreen undertones, and even a mango and spice aroma with a hint of straight gas. The taste profiles include mentions of sweet rose petals and a very sweet flavor with a spectacular aftertaste. While there may be conflicting descriptions, the recurring themes of sweetness, floral elements, and unique aftertastes indicate a complex and enjoyable sensory experience.

Most Commonly Reported Flavors

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Skunk Auto appears to deliver a range of effects, with a majority of users expressing positive sentiments. The strain is frequently associated with a fast-hitting and long-lasting high, characterized by relaxation, happiness, and an uplifted mood. Despite some users noting variations in potency, the general consensus leans towards a potent and enjoyable experience.

Most Commonly Reported Effects

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The strain is often described as having a clear-headed and happy high, making it suitable for socializing. Its balanced character is evident in the strong sativa head buzz mentioned by some users which often accompanies Indica-type relaxation. Users highlight the strain’s potential for daytime use, suggesting it as a suitable option for various occasions. The strain’s clear-headed nature makes it perfect for those looking to maintain functionality while enjoying its effects.

Sativa/Indica Balance

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Medical applications are not explicitly mentioned in the provided quotes. However, based on the reported effects, Skunk Auto may be beneficial for users seeking relaxation, mood elevation, and stress relief.

Skunk Auto Cultivation Info

In terms of ease of growth, Skunk Auto is considered slightly below average, making it less finicky than some strains but not the easiest to cultivate. It’s important to note that these rankings are based on a relatively small sample size, so they should be taken with a grain of salt. The cultivation experience may vary for individual growers.

Ease of Growing

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Seed-to-Harvest Time

Analyzing data from 20 grows, the seed-to-harvest time for Skunk Auto typically ranged from 8 to 18 weeks, with an average duration of 12.1 weeks. Detailed statistics on the duration of the vegetative phase, the entire seed-to-harvest cycle, and insights into potential relationships with growing mediums and training techniques are available in the graphs below.


Weeks Spent in Veg and From Seed to Harvest

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Weeks Spent in Veg and From Seed to Harvest Outdoors

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Does Training Affect Cycle Duration?

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Skunk Auto Flowering Time

Skunk Auto exhibits a flowering time of 5-10 weeks, with an average duration of approximately 7.2 weeks based on available data. Limited information is available regarding flowering outdoors, with only 2 grows showing an average outdoor flowering time of around 9 weeks.

Flowering Time In Weeks

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On average, Skunk Auto reaches a height of around 56 cm at harvest, with data from 2 outdoor grows indicating an average height of 71 cm. The strain’s height characteristics are further detailed in the graphs below.


Final Height at Harvest

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Final Height at Harvest Outdoors

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Does the Choice of Medium Affect Height?

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How Does Training Affect Plant Height?

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Height (cm) vs Pot Size (liters)

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Skunk Auto Yield

Judging by available data on yields, Skunk Auto demonstrates a productivity range of 13-349 grams, with harvest occurring at an average of 12 weeks from sprouts. The average yield per plant is approximately 84 grams. Limited information on outdoor yield is available, with one grow showing a yield of 60 grams.


Dry Per-Plant Yield in Grams

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Dry Per-Plant Yield Outdoors

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Does the Choice of Medium Affect Yield?

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Yield (grams) vs Pot Size (liters)

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During the flowering stage, Skunk Auto is known for its noticeable aroma, although it may not be the most pungent strain. Growers should be prepared to implement odor control measures, as the strain tends to emit a strong smell. Instances of a lower-odor phenotype in this strain are rare.

The Intensity of Smell During the Flowering Stage

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