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Aroma and Taste

Based on the user reviews of White Widow Auto by Fast Buds, the strain presents a diverse range of aromas and tastes. Some users highlight a distinctive pine and menthol flavor, while others mention a sweet and earthy smell. The strain seems to have a generally positive reception for its taste, with users describing it as smooth and enjoyable. The most commonly reported flavors align with the strain stats, emphasizing earthy, flowery, and citrus notes. It’s worth noting the subjective nature of taste, as preferences may vary among individuals.

Most Commonly Reported Flavors

Based on 45 reports

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White Widow Auto exhibits a balanced hybrid profile, with some users noting a mix of indica and sativa effects. The strain’s potency is generally praised, offering a clear-headed high that keeps users happy and content. Despite variations in growing conditions mentioned by some users, the potency appears to be consistently appreciated.

Sativa/Indica Balance

Based on 45 reports

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Users report an uplifting and relaxing high with White Widow Auto. The strain seems versatile, offering a mellow experience that allows users to remain functional. While some mention it as suitable for day or night use, others specifically recommend it as a night-cap for a great night’s sleep. This suggests a nuanced high that may evolve over time, making it adaptable to different preferences and occasions.

Most Commonly Reported Effects

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White Widow Auto Cultivation Info

Statistically speaking, White Widow Auto isn’t likely to cause the grower any trouble, but it’s essential to note that the conclusions drawn are based on limited data, and individual experiences may vary.

Ease of Growing

Based on 45 grows

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Seed-to-Harvest Time

In the data collected from 45 grows, the total duration of White Widow Auto’s life cycle ranged from 8 to 20 weeks, with an average of 11.3 weeks. Detailed statistics on the duration of both the entire cycle and the vegetative stage, both indoors and outdoors, can be explored further. Additionally, growers can find insights on how different growing mediums or training techniques might influence the duration of the veg and whole cycle in the charts provided below.


Weeks Spent in Veg and From Seed to Harvest

Based on 45 grows

Veg and Cycle Duration Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Weeks Spent in Veg and From Seed to Harvest Outdoors

Based on 4 grows

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Do Different Mediums Affect Cycle Duration?

Based on 45 grows

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Does Training Affect Cycle Duration?

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White Widow Auto Flowering Time

White Widow Auto typically exhibits a flowering time ranging from 4 to 14 weeks, with an average of 7.1 weeks based on available data. The sample for outdoor cultivation is relatively small, with an average flowering time of 8 weeks in the four documented outdoor grows.

Flowering Time In Weeks

Based on 43 grows

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Based on shared data on plant size, this autoflower reaches an average height of 61 cm at the end of the cycle. Limited outdoor grows show an average height of 47 cm in the three available instances. The strain’s height can be influenced by various factors, including cultivation methods and environmental conditions.


Final Height at Harvest

Based on 36 grows

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Final Height at Harvest Outdoors

Based on 3 grows

Outdoor Height Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Does the Choice of Medium Affect Height?

Based on 36 grows

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How Does Training Affect Plant Height?

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Height (cm) vs Pot Size (liters)

Based on 33 grows

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White Widow Auto Yield

Judging by available data on yields, White Widow Auto plants produced between 10 and 294 grams. The typical harvest time is around 11 weeks from seed, with a per-plant yield averaging approximately 75 grams. Outdoors, the strain yielded an average of 39 grams in the three documented grows.


Dry Per-Plant Yield in Grams

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Dry Per-Plant Yield Outdoors

Based on 3 grows

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Does the Choice of Medium Affect Yield?

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Do Training Techniques Affect Yields?

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Yield (grams) vs Pot Size (liters)

Based on 34 grows

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In the flowering stage, the strain is categorized as having a milder smell compared to other cannabis strains. The strain is known for lower-than-average-smelling phenotypes, which are commonly encountered during cultivation.

The Intensity of Smell During the Flowering Stage

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