Zkittlez Auto by Fast Buds: Strain Review

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Zkittlez Auto by Fast Buds offers a delightful sensory experience with a sweet and fruity aroma reminiscent of candy and tropical fruits. When smoked, it delivers a smooth and sweet taste profile that appeals to those with a sweet tooth. The effects lean toward the indica side, providing relaxation and a mild body buzz, making it an ideal choice for unwinding in the evening or socializing. While it generally offers an uplifting and enjoyable high, some users have reported potential for mild paranoia, so caution is advised.

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Based on the user reviews, Zkittlez Auto by Fast Buds appears to have a diverse range of aromas reported by different users. Some common themes include fruity, sweet, and tropical notes. While there is some variance in descriptions, the fruity and sweet elements seem to be consistent.

Smells like skittles after grinding…like a bag of skittles.


The smell is very much a coco puff or hot chocolate mix smell. Once you grind the herb the profile really expands.


Smells like heaven. Some kind of pineapple mandarin all fruits together 🙂


Zkittlez Auto: Most Commonly Reported Flavors

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In terms of taste, users frequently mention the sweet and fruity flavors of Zkittlez Auto. The strain is often likened to the taste of candy or various fruits. While some users describe the taste as smooth, others mention a sweet and fruity profile with varying degrees of intensity.

It’s almost like smoking a bowl of dab…smoking a bowl of sweet candy!


It’s a really smooth smoke and compliments well if you have a sweet tooth.


It has a great taste of berries…mainly sweet.



The effects of Zkittlez Auto seem to lean towards the indica side, although there is some variance in user experiences. Many users report a relaxing, mellow high that is ideal for evening use or winding down. Some mention feeling a strong body buzz and experiencing a mild level of couch lock. Users often find it suitable for relaxation, socializing, or enjoying a movie. While it’s generally considered uplifting and enjoyable, there are occasional mentions of potential paranoia, so users should be mindful of their tolerance.

Loved it…good couch locker and the munchies.


Strong indica with lovely body buzz…great too. Should cure up amazingly.


More of a daytime stuff. Super energetic get stuff done kinda smoke.



Zkittlez Auto: Most Commonly Reported Effects

Based on 222 reports

Zkittlez Auto: What effects can you expect? ©GrowDiaries.com

Zkittlez Auto: Sativa/Indica Balance

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Zkittlez Auto: What’s the sativa/indica balance? ©GrowDiaries.com

In summary, Zkittlez Auto by Fast Buds is likely to offer users a sweet and fruity aroma and taste with an indica-leaning high that promotes relaxation and sociability. The best time to use it appears to be in the evening or when winding down, making it suitable for relaxation, socializing, or simply enjoying a movie night. However, users should be aware of the potential for mild paranoia in some cases.