Gorilla Auto by Fast Buds: Strain Review

Gorilla Auto dried and cured bud

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Gorilla Auto by Fast Buds offers a captivating and diverse sensory experience. Its aroma presents a unique blend of pungent skunk and sweet, citrusy notes, making it a treat for the senses. When it comes to taste, users report a range of flavors, from musky fuel to sweet and fruity undertones, creating a complex and enjoyable profile. Beyond its sensory appeal, the strain delivers potent effects, inducing a strong, relaxing high that can lead to couch-lock. However, it also boasts euphoric and cerebral qualities, making it suitable for creative pursuits and evening relaxation. Caution is advised for inexperienced users, and it’s best suited for nighttime use due to its potential for inducing relaxation and tranquility.

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8.8 average based on 340 harvests.*

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The aroma of Gorilla Auto by Fast Buds appears to be one of its standout features, with users describing a diverse range of scents. Some users note a strong skunk-like aroma, while others detect hints of sweet and fruity fragrances. This suggests that the strain offers a complex and appealing scent profile.

The smell is unique; it’s pungent and I can’t describe that terp.


Super frosty sticky ass buds with a great smell like skunk and coffee.


The buds have a really sweet lemon/citrus smell to them.


Gorilla Auto: Most Commonly Reported Flavors

Based on 278 reports

Gorilla Auto: What flavors can you expect? ©GrowDiaries.com


The taste of Gorilla Auto seems to be equally intriguing. Users report a combination of flavors, ranging from musky fuel and diesel to sweet and citrusy notes. This variety in taste suggests that the strain offers a rich and multi-layered sensory experience.

The initial hit is musky fuel. The exhale is a lot sweeter than I expected.


Tastes like fruitish but also pine flavor but limey, ehh really tasty..


The inhale coats the throat nicely with no burn. It is super sticky, burns very slow and hits you like the beast of a Gorilla it is!



The effects of Gorilla Auto by Fast Buds appear to be potent and diverse, making it a versatile strain for different occasions and preferences. Users commonly mention a strong high that can lead to relaxation and even couch-lock. However, many also highlight its euphoric and cerebral aspects, suggesting it can provide an uplifting and creative high.

It’s euphoric and numbing without causing drowsiness. It’s potent too and a bit inebriating. Great evening strain to relax after a long day.


Definitely an evening or night time strain…great euphoric relaxed cerebral high.


It’s like a tsunami wave has covered and swirled you into a whirlpool of consciousness. Literally in 5-10 minutes, you get the strongest stone that will allow all thoughts to leave your mind and body to get maximum relaxation.


Gorilla Auto: Most Commonly Reported Effects

Based on 278 reports

Gorilla Auto: What effects can you expect? ©GrowDiaries.com

Gorilla Auto: Sativa/Indica Balance

Based on 278 reports

Gorilla Auto: What’s the sativa/indica balance? ©GrowDiaries.com

It’s worth noting that the strain seems to have a strong and long-lasting effect, making it ideal for relaxation or creative pursuits, but not recommended for inexperienced users or daytime use due to its potential to induce couch-lock and relaxation. While most feedback is positive, some users may find the potency overwhelming.

Gorilla Auto Cultivation Info

Out of 278 growers who shared their insights on cultivating Gorilla Auto, a significant majority found it to be an easy-to-grow strain, with only 10 individuals considering it high-maintenance. Notably, more than half of the growers praised the plant’s strong resistance, while 9 encountered issues attributed to weak genetics during the cultivation process.

Gorilla Auto Ease of Growing

Based on 278 grows

Gorilla Auto main cola

Gorilla Auto: Is it Easy to Grow? ©GrowDiaries.com Photo: BigDaddyK

Gorilla Auto Seed-to-Harvest Time

Insights gleaned from growdiaries.com reveal a diverse spectrum of seed-to-harvest durations, spanning an impressive range from 8 to 24 weeks, with an average cycle time of 11.6 weeks. Approximately a quarter of growers reported a 10-week life cycle, emerging as the most prevalent duration. While a small minority experienced quicker cycles, the majority witnessed longer durations. There was less variability in the vegetative stage, with just under half of the grows featuring a 4-week veg period. Longer vegetative durations are more likely than shorter ones.

Moving outdoors, our data collection extended to 35 grows, where the average cycle duration stood at 11.6 weeks.


Weeks Spent in Veg and From Seed to Harvest

Based on 278 grows

Veg and Cycle Duration Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Weeks Spent in Veg and From Seed to Harvest Outdoors

Based on 35 grows

Outdoor Veg and Cycle Duration Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Do Different Mediums Affect Cycle Duration?

Based on 277 grows

Cycle Duration vs Mediums Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Does Training Affect Cycle Duration?

Based on 278 grows

Cycle Duration vs Training Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com


Despite our diligent efforts to discern connections between the grow cycle duration, cultivation mediums, and training techniques, the results mostly yielded a rather meaningless mosaic. However, cultivation in coco coir and hydroponic consistently translated to a longer wait for harvest compared to soil grows.

Gorilla Auto Flowering Time

Gorilla Auto’s flowering time spans a dynamic range from 4 to 15 weeks, with an average duration of 7.4 weeks. The majority of these cycles clustered within the 6-7 weeks range. Among the 35 recorded outdoor grows, the average flowering time stood at 7 weeks.

Flowering Time In Weeks

Based on 275 grows

Gorilla Auto: Flowering Time Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Gorilla Auto Height

In examining grow diaries with available data on plant size, the average height of Gorilla Auto at harvest was found to be 65 cm. For the 30 outdoor grows with available height information, the average height remained consistent at 64 cm.

Considering the impact of growers’ interventions on plant height, a discernible pattern emerged. Untrained plants exhibited a tendency to grow taller, while the use of Low-Stress Training (LST) consistently emerged as an effective method for height control. Topping, however, yielded varying results, with some plants maintaining a shorter stature, while others exhibited noticeable stretching.


Final Height at Harvest

Based on 233 grows

Height Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Final Height at Harvest Outdoors

Based on 30 grows

Outdoor Height Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Does the Choice of Medium Affect Height?

Based on 233 grows

Plant Height vs Medium Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

How Does Training Affect Plant Height?

Based on 233 grows

Plant Height vs Training Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Height (cm) vs Pot Size (liters)

Based on 196 grows

Plant Height vs Pot Size Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com


Further analysis revealed distinct height tendencies based on the cultivation medium. Plants cultivated in soil tended to be smaller, those in coco weren’t different, and hydroponic setups resulted in significantly taller plants. Surprisingly, when investigating the relationship between pot size and plant height at harvest, clear patterns were elusive. While a general upward trend in height was observed with larger pots, the average results peaked at 20 liters.

Gorilla Auto Yield

Based on available grow cycle data where yield figures were provided, Gorilla Auto demonstrated a wide range of productivity, with plants yielding between 9 and 650 grams. (Take with a grain of salt the highest figures as we’re not sure the growers were honest. Or they may have made a mistake.) On average, the harvest occurred at 11.6 weeks from sprouts, resulting in a typical per-plant yield of around 77 grams.

Yield figures exhibited significant variation across different growing mediums. Hydroponic and coco coir setups showed an average yield of 146 grams and 143 grams respectively. In contrast, soil cultivation resulted in a lower average yield of 64 grams per plant.

Dry Per-Plant Yield in Grams

Based on 271 grows

Yield Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Dry Per-Plant Yield Outdoors

Based on 35 grows

Outdoor Yield Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Does the Choice of Medium Affect Yield?

Based on 271 grows

Plant Yield vs Medium Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Do Training Techniques Affect Yields?

Based on 272 grows

Plant Yield vs Training Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Yield (grams) vs Pot Size (liters)

Based on 227 grows

Plant Yield vs Pot Size Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

The correlation between grower training methods and yield outcomes was evident. Untrained plants exhibited both the lowest and highest yields, depending on other variables. Low-stress training methods, such as LST, offered less spectacular and more consistent results but still displayed significant variance. Growers employing high-stress methods like topping or FIMing achieved outcomes that were even less consistent and better than the overall average. Additionally, data from 35 outdoor plants with available information indicated an average yield of around 44 grams.


Is Gorilla a good strain?

Gorilla Glue Auto is widely regarded as a good strain, appreciated for its potency, relative ease of cultivation, and versatile effects.

What are the effects of Gorilla Glue Auto strain?

The effects are typically a balanced combination of relaxation and euphoria, making it suitable for both recreational and medicinal users.

Are auto strains worth it?

Auto strains are often considered worth it due to their quick cultivation cycle, automatic flowering, and the ability to provide multiple harvests in a single growing season.

Is Gorilla Glue Autoflower Sativa or Indica?

Gorilla Glue Autoflower is typically a hybrid strain, with characteristics of both Sativa and Indica, offering a well-balanced experience.