Girl Scout Cookies Auto by Fast Buds: Strain Review

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Girl Scout Cookies Auto by Fast Buds boasts a captivating sweet aroma reminiscent of baked goods and candy, making it an enticing choice for cannabis enthusiasts. Its flavor profile is equally delightful, with notes of mint, earthiness, and even hints of chocolate. This strain offers a potent experience, delivering an initial cerebral high followed by relaxation, making it suitable for both daytime creativity and evening relaxation. Users appreciate its versatility and potential for pain relief, making it a well-rounded option for various occasions.

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The aroma of Girl Scout Cookies Auto by Fast Buds is a prominent and defining characteristic noted by many users. While there is some variety in the descriptions, there is a common theme of a sweet and appealing scent, often compared to baked goods, cookies, or candy. Users generally find the aroma to be pleasant and inviting.

Smelled amazing and one of the most sticky plants I’ve ever grown.


The smell is like a sweet fruit… Wow good strain.


The final product smells and tastes delicious, and packs quite a punch. The smell is minty sweet.


Girl Scout Cookies Auto: Most Commonly Reported Flavors

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The taste of Girl Scout Cookies Auto appears to be as enticing as its aroma for many users. The strain is often described as having sweet and flavorful notes, with hints of mint, earthiness, and sometimes even chocolate. While there are slight variations in taste experiences, the overall consensus is that it offers an enjoyable and satisfying flavor.

Taste of smoke is some mint, and you get pink eyeglasses for the first fifteen minutes of the trip.


The buzz hits quick. Great floral/earthy taste with the mint and sweetness apparent on the back end.


After curing the jars where you store get a diesely smell but when you grind it, it smells like herbs!



Girl Scout Cookies Auto seems to deliver a range of effects, primarily leaning toward the indica side but with some sativa-like qualities. The potency is generally considered strong, and users often mention experiencing an initial cerebral high followed by relaxation. This strain appears suitable for different times of the day, with some users enjoying it during the day for creativity and activity, while others recommend it as an evening or nighttime choice for relaxation. Additionally, some users report its potential for pain relief.

Nice energetic high. Creative. Definitely good for daytime use for me.


Night stuff. Don’t smoke if you have plans.


This is a very strong hybrid, with a predominance of indica. After you smoke, at first, pronounced sativa effects appear, high and euphoria are felt. After about 30 minutes, the indica begins.


Girl Scout Cookies Auto: Most Commonly Reported Effects

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Girl Scout Cookies Auto: Sativa/Indica Balance

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Overall, Girl Scout Cookies Auto seems to be appreciated for its sweet aroma, flavorful taste, and a versatile set of effects that can cater to different preferences and occasions. While there are some variations in individual experiences, these common themes offer a good overview of what users can expect from this strain.