Gorilla Cookies Auto by Fast Buds: Strain Review

Gorilla Cookies Auto dried and cured bud

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Gorilla Cookies Auto by Fast Buds offers a complex aroma profile with hints of diesel, sweet cookie dough, and a touch of citrus, making it an intriguing choice for cannabis enthusiasts. Its taste is equally delightful, featuring sweet, cookie-like flavors with subtle citrus undertones. This strain is known for its remarkable potency, delivering a strong and relaxing high that’s perfect for evening use or when seeking relief from conditions like depression. Overall, Gorilla Cookies Auto combines a diverse and appealing aroma with a potent and calming experience, making it a sought-after choice among cannabis users.

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9.1 based on 411 harvests.*

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The aroma of Gorilla Cookies Auto, as described by users, appears to be quite diverse. Some users note sweet and dessert-like scents, while others mention earthy and gassy undertones. Here’s a summary of the aroma based on user quotes:

It’s has a piney gassy profile, that didn’t get lost after the drying stage.


Smell like earthy, cookie dough, hint of smooth lemon cream, little spice.


The buds are a little bit airy but when I’m grinding them they leave a lot of kush on my grinder, the smell is like cookie dough or something sweet.


The smell is very strong like diesel.



It seems that the aroma of Gorilla Cookies Auto can be a mix of diesel, earthy, sweet, and even cookie dough-like scents. There’s a noticeable complexity in the aroma, which might appeal to users with different preferences.

Gorilla Cookies Auto: Most Commonly Reported Flavors

Based on 378 reports

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When it comes to taste, users describe Gorilla Cookies Auto as having a range of flavors, often linked to dessert-like qualities and hints of citrus. Here’s a summary of the taste based on user quotes:

The taste is sweet and really enjoyable.


Cookies, citrus, diesel smell and flavor.


Extremely frosty and sticky. Will gum up a grinder in a good way.


Love the cookie aroma.



The predominant flavors mentioned include sweet, cookie-like notes, hints of citrus, and a diesel undertone. This suggests a pleasant and enjoyable taste profile that leans towards the dessert and citrus spectrum.


Gorilla Cookies Auto appears to offer a variety of effects to users, with a focus on its potency and high. Here’s a summary of the effects based on user quotes. Users frequently mention the strain’s potency, often describing it as “extremely potent.” The high is commonly associated with relaxation and a strong stone effect, making it suitable for nighttime use. Some users also find it helpful for managing conditions like depression. This suggests that Gorilla Cookies Auto is a robust and potent strain best suited for evening or relaxation occasions.

Definitely night stuff. Exactly what I wanted. Awesome stone.


It’s euphoric and strong, with a good head and body high. It’s really helped with my depression.


Dense buds, mind-numbing high.


Extremely potent!


Gorilla Cookies Auto: Most Commonly Reported Effects

Based on 378 reports

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Gorilla Cookies Auto: Sativa/Indica Balance

Based on 378 reports

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Overall, while there is some variety in the descriptions, users generally agree on Gorilla Cookies Auto’s potency and its tendency to induce relaxation, making it a popular choice for those seeking a strong, calming experience in their cannabis.

Gorilla Cookies Auto Cultivation Info

In the vast landscape of cannabis cultivation, Gorilla Cookies Auto stands out as a favorite among growers. Analyzing the experiences of 378 cultivators who generously shared their insights, approximately two-thirds of them found cultivating Gorilla Cookies Auto to be a straightforward endeavor, emphasizing its ease of growth. Almost nobody deemed it a high-maintenance plant. The collective sentiment leaned towards praising its robust genetics, with an overwhelming majority attesting to its strength.

Gorilla Cookies Auto Ease of Growing

Based on 378 grows

Gorilla Cookies Auto main cola

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Gorilla Cookies Auto Seed-to-Harvest Time

Data sourced from growdiaries.com reveals a seed-to-harvest duration spanning 8 to 23 weeks, with an average of around 11.5 weeks. A quarter of growers reported a 12-week life cycle, and the majority experienced even shorter timelines. The vegetative stage exhibited more consistency, with half of the grows maintaining a 4-week duration, aligning with the strain’s average. A significant number of growers had prolonged vegetative phases.

Outdoor cultivation data isn’t so scarce either, providing a comprehensive understanding of the strain’s cycle duration in natural settings. From the 21 outdoor grow reports, an average completion time of 10.9 weeks was observed.


Weeks Spent in Veg and From Seed to Harvest

Based on 375 grows

Veg and Cycle Duration Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Weeks Spent in Veg and From Seed to Harvest Outdoors

Based on 21 grows

Outdoor Veg and Cycle Duration Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Do Different Mediums Affect Cycle Duration?

Based on 373 grows

Cycle Duration vs Mediums Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Does Training Affect Cycle Duration?

Based on 375 grows

Cycle Duration vs Training Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com


Exploring the impact of cultivation mediums and training techniques on the growth cycle, our analysis failed to discern a universal pattern. Each strain displays unique characteristics. However, a notable exception emerged – hydroponic cultivation consistently extended the time to harvest compared to soil or coco grows. Speculating on this phenomenon, it could be attributed to the potential for hydroponics to encourage larger root ball development, a process inherently time-consuming and, consequently, prolonging the entire life cycle.

Gorilla Cookies Auto Flowering Time

Turning our focus to the flowering phase, insights gleaned from available grows unveil a range spanning 4 to 17 weeks, with an average flowering time of approximately 7.3 weeks. The sweet spot for the majority of cultivators lies within the 7 to 8-week timeframe. In the 21 recorded outdoor grows, the average flowering duration hovered around 6 weeks.

Flowering Time In Weeks

Based on 373 grows

Gorilla Cookies Auto: Flowering Time Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Gorilla Cookies Auto Height

A thorough examination of available grow diaries unveils an average plant height of approximately 69 cm by harvest time. Outdoor grows displayed a slightly elevated average of 76 cm.


Final Height at Harvest

Based on 318 grows

Height Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Final Height at Harvest Outdoors

Based on 20 grows

Outdoor Height Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Does the Choice of Medium Affect Height?

Based on 316 grows

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How Does Training Affect Plant Height?

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Plant Height vs Training Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Height (cm) vs Pot Size (liters)

Based on 295 grows

Plant Height vs Pot Size Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com


Shifting our focus to the influence of growing conditions on plant height, it becomes evident that strategic training plays a pivotal role. Untamed plants tended to exhibit greater height, while both topping and low-stress training emerged as more consistent ways for canopy height control.

Exploring the impact of cultivation mediums on plant stature, the data showcases intriguing trends. On average, plants were smaller in soil and coco grows and significantly taller in hydroponic setups. Interestingly, pot size did not exert as much influence on final plant height as anticipated, with a peak average size being reached in 15-liter pots.

Gorilla Cookies Auto Yield

The yield data paints a diverse picture of this strain’s productivity. With harvest occurring at an average of 11.5 weeks from sprouts, the yields ranged widely from 9 to 570 grams. On average, each plant yielded around 116 grams, reflecting the strain’s capacity for substantial bud production.

Medium choice played a discernible role in yield outcomes, with hydroponic grows leading the pack at an average of 219 grams, followed by coco grows at 106.5 grams, and soil grows at 98.1 grams. This data emphasizes the impact of cultivation environment on the overall productivity of Gorilla Cookies Auto.


Dry Per-Plant Yield in Grams

Based on 334 grows

Yield Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Dry Per-Plant Yield Outdoors

Based on 18 grows

Outdoor Yield Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Does the Choice of Medium Affect Yield?

Based on 333 grows

Plant Yield vs Medium Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Do Training Techniques Affect Yields?

Based on 334 grows

Plant Yield vs Training Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com

Yield (grams) vs Pot Size (liters)

Based on 314 grows

Plant Yield vs Pot Size Statistics ©GrowDiaries.com


Considering the influence of training techniques on yields, untrained plants exhibited variable productivity, suggesting that other factors may have a more pronounced effect. Low-stress training methods offered more consistent results but still exhibited considerable variance around the average plus a few outliers. In contrast, high-stress methods like topping and FIMing demonstrated more consistent and significantly improved yields, highlighting the potential benefits of these techniques in enhancing overall productivity.

Turning our attention to outdoor cultivation, data from 18 recorded grows revealed an average yield of around 43.7 grams. While outdoor yields may appear more modest compared to indoor settings, they contribute valuable insights into the strain’s performance in natural environments.


Is Gorilla Cookies Auto a Sativa or Indica?

Gorilla Cookies Auto is a hybrid strain, combining both Sativa and Indica genetics.

Is Gorilla Cookies a good strain?

It is generally considered a good strain, praised for its ease of cultivation, robust genetics, and a balanced combination of Sativa and Indica effects.

How does Gorilla Cookies make you feel?

The effects of Gorilla Cookies typically induce a sense of relaxation and euphoria, creating a balanced and calming experience.

How long does Gorilla Cookies Auto take?

The seed-to-harvest time for Gorilla Cookies Auto varies, with an average duration of around 11.5 weeks, though individual growth conditions and techniques can influence this timeframe.